Design Portfolio

    Calvin Klein: Eternity
    Both bottles were created as stipple and line art drawings then was brought into Photoshop to add effects, color and text. Currently both pieces are displayed at the main hall way entrance at Platt College.

    Lollicup Flyer
    The Crêpe flyer was designed to inform consumers that Lollicup will be serving multiple variety of Crêpes at their store located in La Quinta, California.

    Sushi Café Flyer
    Sushi Café wanted to inform people of their new building and location. Multiple flyers are also located at University of California Riverside to attract the students.

    Taqueria Teotihuacan Business Card
    The business card was created to help the restaurant get more attention due to its hard to find location.

    SKATE™ Promotion Poster
    This poster was part of a promotional package that includes a webpage, T-shirt and ticket stub. Its purpose was to introduce and inform people about the new game.

    Warhammer Online™ Magazine Ad
    This project is to advertise a PC game called "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning". It shows couple of screenshots and a website to view more details.

    Warhammer Online™ Package Design
    A dummy box for a PC game called "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning". Info on the package shows a detailed outline of the story and screenshots.

    Warhammer Web Banners
    These web banners was created for Warhammer of Destiny to help promote and increase the popularity of Warhammer Online. Currently displayed at ""

    Art Institute Magazine Spread
    A two-page magazine spread shows date, location and time of an event. The second page shows a description of the location and details about the artist.

    Self Portrait
    I created this because I wanted to play around with splatter and I ended up experimenting with a picture of myself.

    NBN Living Business Card
    This card design was to help the newly established corporation in the U.S. which originally started in Mexico. The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator.

    Ramirez Auto Detailing Logo
    The logo was designed to be used for many of his promotional items such as shirt, window decals, business cards and website.

    4J's Alkobar Grill Business Card
    The owner of Alkobar Grill wanted a clean, simple and creative business card. Therefore, I used the sandwich logo on the back to represent a 5 star rating along with a spacer between the name and title on the front of the card.

    4J's Alkobar Grill Menu
    The menu was designed to be easy to read with descriptions that's separated from the menu item itself. All the images located on the menu was taken by myself.